Formerly Pharma-Lexicon, MediLexicon is the world’s largest database of medical, pharmaceutical, dentistry and biological sciences abbreviations.

MediLexicon is used widely by health care professionals, regulatory affairs executives, medical transcriptionists, students and patients.

MediLexicon contains dictionaries and searches for the health care professional. These include a comprehensive medical abbreviations dictionary – the largest of its kind on the Internet with over 234,000 definitions. We also have a comprehensive medical dictionary, a database of over 7,300 Pharmaceutical companies and a medical associations database.

Some of the comments we have received from our visitors:

“This website is absolutely fantastic. Hats off to the creators !!!” Kathy

“I love your website. I am a work-at-home medical typist and use your site often. Thank you for that! … The hospital I type for is a teaching hospital … and there are a lot of residents and interns who love to use abbreviations! Thanks very much for all your helpful information. :o)” Marti

“I happily use MediLexicon just about every day at work, and share it with co-workers, too! I have become almost dependent on the ever handy Acronym finder.” Mark

“As a medical language specialist, I use your site daily, and am very impressed with the new tools, web links, abbreviations, and medical dictionaries. Thank you for providing this.” Linda

“V. useful resource for checking acronyms whilst editing examination question for the Royal College of Physicians. The redesign is much better than before – I used to find the pop-up box with the answers too small. The present site is much better.” Robert

“I work at a home health office. I have no medical background, only office and this website is amazing at helping understand most medical terminology that comes across my desk. So thank you. I really appreciate this site.” Jenifer

“It is a remarkable site. I’ve never seen anything like it in terms of completeness and breadth of content and I’ve been doing medical internet searches for about 14 years now. I’m a nurse that does medical review for attorneys.” Pamela