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Medical News Today is one of the most influential medical news sites worldwide – Ranked as number 1 by Google, MSN and Yahoo! for “medical news”.

Articles are selected and/or presented in a way that is understandable and interesting for all the visitors to the site who include: Healthcare professionals, scientists, pharmaceutical company executives, medical students and patients/carers.

Medical News Today offers a huge database of articles freely accessible online (no registration required unless you would like to take advantage of our customized homepage or subscriber to email news alerts). The Archives date back to June 2003, and are expanding rapidly with the addition of 120-200 new news articles per day. Our archives currently contain over 240,000 articles.

The site has 132 different medical areas ranging from Abortion to Women’s health and includes sections on Diabetes, Cancer/Oncology and HIV/AIDS as well as the latest information on less prevalent diseases and conditions.


Medical News Today’s news content is generated by our in-house editorial team from a database of respected and validated news sources throughout the world. We also have a dedicated team writing articles exclusively for Medical News Today.

Additional services from Medical News Today include:

Free weekly newsletters and daily news alerts
A single e-mail sent out to subscribers, weekly or daily (as long as there is an article in at least one of the categories chosen) – with details of the articles published that day/week. An ideal way to date with the latest news in the areas of interest to you – choose just oncology related news for example – to receive the content we have published in oncology that day or week. A single sign in also allows use to customize their homepage to display only the categories required. Remember – we never sell or rent out our subscriber lists and we do not send emails on behalf of 3rd parties.

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Personalized Homepage
With a fast, easy registration (name, e-mail address, country and profession) and sign in process the homepage can be altered to show just the news from the categories selected – in a choice of layouts to ensure ease of use.

Free JavaScript News Feeds
Our JavaScript news feeds allow our news headlines to be integrated into other external websites. The feed can be for either a single news category or a mixture of news categories. We currently have over 550 active news feeds in external websites all over the Internet. For an example of one of our news feeds please see AutismWeb

Free RSS/XML news headline feeds
RSS feeds allow users to easily keep up to date with the news on many different web sites. They can be used by:

  • Individuals with a news reader – the headlines are sent directly each time an update is detected.
  • Web sites that are XML enabled – GlobalRPH currently use our RSS news feeds.
  • Free weekly newsletter
  • A single weekly e-mail containing the past weeks’ headlines including links to the full articles. The newsletter can be customised to just the categories the recipient is interested in, we currently have over 55,000 subscribers.

For Internet publishers
We provide both free and licensed content services to other web publishers.
RSS and Java headline newsfeeds are available for publishers to use free of charge on their websites.

Other content is available for licensing.

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