We partner on advertising campaigns with a range of clients – including:

  • pharmaceutical companies
  • biotech organisations
  • healthcare providers – hospitals, clinics, private practice etc.
  • healthcare industry – products and services
  • technology and medical device manufacturers
  • insurance and legal services
  • advertising networks and agencies

Campaigns are designed to achieve a variety of objectives, some of the most common are:

  • branding/treatment awareness – over the counter and prescription only branded medicines (where regulations allow), medical devices and equipment.
  • clinical trial recruitment
  • direct response initiatives e.g. samples, coupons, sign ups/registrations, acquisitions, commerce etc.
  • disease awareness/education programmes

We sell display advertising inventory direct and also partner with premium vertical ad networks and ad platforms. Display ad units are sold on a CPM basis only and campaigns vary in size from 100,000 to 10,000,000 ad impressions.

Each of our web sites offer advertisers different benefits:

Medical News Today
Offers exposure on a dedicated health and medical news website with an information hungry audience – over 45M ad impressions served per month. Adverts can be geo-targeted to a national level and section specific – any combination of news categories can be selected for each promotional campaign. Leaderboard units (970 x 90 or 728 x 90) and medium rectangle units (300 x 250) are priced from $35 CPM. Other units include the 300 x 600 half page unit, 600 x 250 and 160 x 600.

An essential resource for HCPs, medical practice staff and transcription service providers – searchable databases of medical abbreviations, drugs, dictionary, ICD9 codes etc. Over 4 million ad impressions per month available – keyword and ROS targeting with flexible CPMs based on campaign size.

A range of standard and bespoke display and email advertising opportunities:

Display Advertising
Available on both sites, we can serve or accept 3rd party serving of ads. 2, 3 or 4 ad units per page – 2 above and 2 below the fold on desktop. The sites are able to accept advertising in any of the following formats:

  • Image
  • Flash
  • HTML5
  • Video, rich media, expandable and HTML5 units must be served by a 3rd party

Targeting options include:

  • Geographic (region, country, state, DMA etc.)
  • Contextual
  • Device – desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Frequency cap, day parting, competitive separation etc. all available on request
  • Ad verification and exclusion options available

Sponsorships, takeovers, road blocks and custom advertising opportunities

  • 100% SOV on selected categories
  • Advertorial opportunities – 6 and 12 month contracts only
  • Takeovers, skins, synced units, IAB rising stars units and full page units


  • Two advertising options are available to target interested individuals worldwide – these are a global opportunity only at present. Both e-mail options are plain text only:
    • Weekly News email- over 21,000 global e-mail sends each week
    • Daily News email – over 12,000 e-mails each day .

For further information or to discuss your requirements and how we can help please contact Peter Hill.